Upcoming Events

Erin Underwood June 14 – 16, 2018

Lecture: From Then to Now, a Trunk Show of My Quilting Life. Enjoy a fun and inspiring collection of Erin's quilts, including the good, the bad and the 'If I Only Knew What I was Doing' quilts", Erin will share her broad and varied experiences with information sure to interest you no matter your likes, styles or experience. You will be encouraged to get up-close and personal with Erin's quilts-fondling is permitted! Explore Erin's work at www.erinunderwoodquilts.com
Friday Workshop (9am-noon): Finished Edge Machine Applique. Love the look of hand applique, but just don't have time for handwork? This technique will make your machine applique look like hand work, and only take a fraction of the time. Your quilt will look like you sat for hours and needle-turned each piece by hand! The bonus is your piece will have the look of trapunto with a clever use of stabilizers! Patterns available for the workshop include Blue Bird, May Flower, Night of the Cat, October Pumpkin, and Holiday Tree. Pattern fee. Member cost: $15. Non-member cost: $30
Friday Workshop (1pm-4pm): Cathedral Window. Create this beautiful classic quilt in a thoroughly modern way! Constructed completely by machine, this quilt is really not a quilt at all. There is no batting, no binding. Once you are finished with the top, you're finished with the whole thing! Pattern fee. Member cost: $15. Non-member cost: $30
Saturday Workshop (9am-4pm): Fan-tastic Fanwork. Learn this easy piecing technique using a 15° Triangle Ruler. If you can sew a straight seam, you can make this easy version of a curved block. Several options of patterns and pattern combinations are available for purchase. Kit cost: $25 includes Erin's 15° Triangle Ruler and one pattern. Member cost: $25. Non-member cost: $50. Contact: Kim Lytle

Karen Kaye Buckley July 12-13, 2018

Lecture: To Border or not to Border, that is the Question During this lecture I will discuss if a quilt needs a border, how to select a border for your quilt, how I design many of my borders and how to measure to ensure a flat quilt. As I show you many of my quilts I will discuss my border choices and share some fun stories along the way. My hope is to inspire you to think about how to enhance your quilt with the right border. Designing your own borders is much easier than you might think.
Thursday Workshop (9am-4pm): Fiesta Mexico - Hand Applique During my visits to Mexico I was influenced by the designs and colors of their handmade pottery and the flora. I designed a large quilt called Fiesta Mexico and this is one of the blocks from that quilt. For this 6 hour workshop I added a wonderful border to the 10 square center block. In addition to learning to appliqué smooth curves and sharp points you will also learn to create and appliqué perfect ¼ strips and perfect circles of differing sizes. I will make your hand appliqué fun, easy and enjoyable. SUPPLY FEE: $24.00 (Does not include fabric) It does include the full Fiesta Mexico pattern (12 patterns in all), 2 sheets of Templar, a brush, the border pattern, glue pen and 5 pages of border instructions.
Member cost: $25. Non-member cost: $50.
Friday Workshop (9am-4pm): Circles Squared - Machine Applique This is a really fun machine appliquéd wall quilt. You will learn to make sharp points, smooth curves, perfect circles, straight and even stems and there is a little reverse appliqué for some added fun. The technique I teach is a prepared edge method using an invisible stitch. Come join me for a fun day of machine appliqué. SUPPLY FEE: $30.00-includes pattern, Templar, transfer papers, circles, brush, handouts, stabilizer and more.
Member cost: $25. Non-member cost: $50.
Contact: Cyndee Kirwan.

Saturday Sewing Day August 11, 2018

A free day of sewing! Finish up your quilt show projects, start something new, or just visit. Contact: Marilyn Nash

August 23, 2018 Annual Picnic:

Come Join us for some end of summer fun! The entertainment committee promises to entertain and delight! Watch your newsletter closer to the date for further information. Contact: Entertainment Committee.