Modern Dresden
Candy Grisham
Pattern cost $10

By creating a variety of Dresden plate blocks and creating your own unique background and layout you will have a one of a kind quilt/wall hanging. Although shown in modern fabrics with a black and white background it can be done in any color way and style. Make it your own.

Precutting instructions: For workshop
Each strip can be cut from ½ width of fabric.

Fabrics for plates: (If you choose to get more fabric).

Large bed quilt: 35-40 ¼ to ½ yard pieces quality fabric (72 x 72" quilt)
Wall quilt: 18-20 ¼ to ½ yard pieces quality fabric (38 x 54" quilt)
Pick fabrics you like together but also with some contrast.
¼ yard cuts are preferable to fat quarters if possible
Centers of plates can be fussy cut from any variety of fabrics – bring several with large prints or graphic detail.

Bring a large variety of fabric. Look for ones you love but don't try to match perfectly. Value and color contrast work the best. Bring more if you wonder.

Fabrics for background:

I pieced the background of mine. Others have used hand dyed fabrics in one piece. If you wish to piece a background, bring 8-10 fabrics ½ yard each minimum. This can be chosen a later date as well based on the number and design of your plates.